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Transformational Spiritual Healing - $120

Upon opening sacred space you will be connecting to your Soul essence that will allow you to move to the deep places within, allowing transformation and healing to occur, bringing to you the harmony and balance you deserve. This is a Spirit lead approach that brings The Divine White Light into your luminous energy field where vibrations of unwanted debris, trauma, and injury of past events may still reside. The Light offers illumination to see what is necessary and along with vibrational sacred sound you will align and synchronize the structure of your human energy field. Through this healing process you will find the peace and tranquility that is available within you.

Investment for these sessions is $120.

Essential Oil and Lotus Massage with Sound Therapy - $120

This treatment unites the therapeutic properties of essential oils and the deep healing of Spiritual Lotus Massage using hot stones, crystal healing and Reiki. The treatment encourages a deep cleansing and healing of the body on every level of being while leaving you feeling both relaxed and invigorated.

The essential oils used are applied to and penetrate the spinal column enhancing cellular receptor sites to improve cellular communication throughout the body. They aid in the reprogramming of misinformation at the DNA level, correcting cellular memory and restoring health of body, mind and Soul.

The purpose of this technique is to stimulate every organ, muscle and bone of the body at a cellular level through spiritual healing and the oils, boosting the immune system, bringing the body into structural/electrical balance, and enabling the release of toxins or disease wherever they may be lodged--including those illnesses lodged in the mind and emotions. 

Investment for these sessions is $120.

Regression Therapy

The purpose of regression therapy is:

  • To gain knowledge and understanding of self and your continuing consciousness.
  • To trace patterns of consciousness
  • To understand the carry over in current consciousness
  • To enlighten thought bodies in your consciousness

Past Life Regression - $120

This is a highly effective therapy that allows us to access and uncover unconscious or resistant patterns of thought, information, and/or past memories with the use of meditative regression. 

This technique is typically used to access subconscious Past Life information. This is highly effective in accessing the subconscious to identify and release patterns of thought to allow healing to occur on many levels. During this time emotional wounds and scars are brought to light for healing.

Past life regression will assist us in moving forward and taking responsibility for our lives as they are now, when we release what no longer serves us.

Investment for these sessions is $120.

Inner Child Regression - $120

Your Inner Child is a precious life giving part of yourself that needs love and nourishment in order to supply the vitality your body needs to live a healthy, happy life. Your Inner Child, when loved and nourished supplies the endless creative spark of ideas that helps your life to be stimulating, interesting and full of happy surprises. The majority of people have not had loving nurturing childhoods. Their inner child is living with the faulty perception of isolation and feelings of sadness and separation.

Your Inner Child needs you. You are the only one that can rescue your Inner Child. You are the only one that can resurrect his or her creative and joyful spirit that will add great depth and dimension to Your entire life.

During our session together you will make the heart connection with your Inner Child which will allow healing to occur within you on many levels.

Investment for these sessions is $120.

Crystal Sound & Color Therapy - $120

Everything is energy. We are energy vibrating at our own unique vibratory rate. Color and Sound are aspects of vibration. Every sound gives forth a certain color and takes on a definite form. The physical body is a musical instrument which is attuned to the celestial harmonies - or - in dissonance with them.

This technique restores balance and harmony in your energy centers on a cellular level. When color and sound are used together, our energy centers - chakras - are especially activated, resulting in a positive impact upon our energy field. The very nature of this process brings forth a restructuring of the subtle energy body.

This therapy will combine the use of various crystals, color pomanders, Spectrum Light Therapy,  Bio-Sonic precision Tuning Forks, vocal toning, crystal singing bowls as well as sacred sounds and mantras to directly tap into the power of the Divine to assist in your healing experience. This allows the body to restore balance and harmony from the Universal Life Force Energy Source. Old energies and emotional wounds begin to break up immediately.

With the use of light, sound, and liquid color, this will greatly impact and aide in healing the physical body. This is a powerful sound healing technique.

Investment for these sessions is $120.

Brazilian Light Energization - $120

Light Energization is a unique systematic energy initiation that invokes higher spiritual frequencies and radiations of light from the cosmic realms to embrace, align and modulate the spiritual, astral and etheric bodies. The initiation expands the atoms, molecules, and cellular composition to assimilate and sustain the sacred geometric vibrations that open spiritual gateways to other dimensions and higher levels of consciousness.

In this unique and sacred process the kundalini energy is awakened and pulled up through the chakras to the higher energy centers which opens your psychic vision. Light Energization evokes a mystical experience in which a sacred connection is made between you and Spirit. Energization is for those who desire a spiritual awakening. Healing transpires physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Brazilian Light Energization Is An Advanced Process Designed To:

  • Expand psychic vision
  • Change the pitch of the electromagnetic currents in the energy field and attune them to cosmic pulsations that awaken you to the higher laws of light
  • Connect the pineal and pituitary glands to form a cradle of light for the Christ energy
  • Establish or increase energy connections with spiritual guides and teachers
  • Balance the male and female energies
  • Ignite and safely expand our kundalini energy to facilitate inner peace and harmony
  • Expand and balance the eight major chakras
  • When inner permission is grated, invoke all 725 chakras to activate, open, and connect with higher dimensions of light in the spiritual realms
  • Accelerate DNA to signal atoms,, molecules, and cells to vibrate at levels that attract more spiritual power, spiritual gifts, and unconditional love
  • Expand energy meridians within the physical, mental, and emotional bodies to accelerate personal growth
  • Invoke the divine blueprint within to activate and return your energy pattern to its original and holy state of cosmic wholeness and health

The Brazilian Light Energization experience is for individuals who embody passion for and commitment to their spiritual evolution. Spiritual power and vision will continue to expand and build momentum when one receives the Light Energization process monthly or more often.

It is recommended to wear White or Light colored clothing during your Light Energization Session.

Investment for these sessions is $120.


Divinely Channeled Spiritual Guidance - $75

This is a channeled reading that will bring to you loving and insightful messages from spirit, allowing you to get in touch with your true essence. Through Divine guidance you may receive messages from your Spirit guides, Angels or loved ones in spirit. This can help to aide healing of the body, mind and spirit on many levels.

This session is available in person or via phone or skype - Purchase your session now.

Investment for these sessions is $75.

Akasha Angel Reading - $75

During this Reading I will clairvoyantly read your heart’s Akashic records. This includes the Archangel and Angelic forces that are influencing your life’s interests, as well as your Spiritual Teachers and Guides that are influencing your direction, studies, and desire for knowledge. As we communication with your Spiritual healers and guides we learn why they have been attracted to you and what they wish to accomplish by working with you. This will assist you on your current life path and direction.

This session is available in person or via phone or skype - Purchase your session now.

Investment for these sessions is $75.


All Healing Sessions utilize the healing energies of the Amethyst Bio Mat, Aromatherapy, Vibrational Sound Therapy, and the Unique Light Therapy of the Spectrum Light System.

Suggested Fees for Services

For any service, there needs to be an energy exchange. This is the Universal Law of giving and receiving that fuels the energy of grace and gratitude. It creates harmony and balance for all who are participating. Money is one way we exchange energy, as it allows us the opportunity to give and receive in this way.

There is a suggested fee for all of the healing modalities.  I am open and willing to establish an energy exchange that works for both of us.

Contact me to schedule your session now.

There is truly only One Source of Energy for our Infinite Supply.

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"Discover the possibilities that lie before you. There is no limit as to what you can achieve. We are all creators of each and every moment we live. The only limits are the limitations we set for ourselves."