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Rev. Dr. Linda M. Martin is a metaphysician, certified as a Reiki master teacher, spiritual healer, color & sound practitioner, registered spiritual counselor, and spiritual medium.  She founded The Dove of Light Healing Ministry in Belle Vernon, PA, where she offers individual healing and counseling sessions in person or by phone as well as spiritual workshops.  Linda received her degrees from Delphi University, the Patricia Hayes School of Inner Sense Development and the Arthur Ford Academy in McCaysville, Georgia.

The freer I get,
the higher I go,
The higher I go,
the more I see,
The more I see,
the less I know,
The less I know,
the more I'm free!

--Ram Dass

All my life I have heard the voice of Spirit guiding me. For this I feel very blessed. I was raised by a loving, spiritually aware mother, Mary Elizabeth Hughes, who encouraged me to listen and follow the guidance I heard. As a child and young adult I also had a metaphysical mentor, Dr. Josephine Sponheimer, who helped to raise my awareness to the laws of the universe and how we have the ability to work with this energy. So listening and following the guidance of Spirit has always come naturally to me. I got married and raised 3 daughters and when my 3 children nearly reached adulthood I began to feel a restlessness and dissatisfaction with the circumstances of my life. I knew this was spirit prompting me to seek more, to go beyond the limits of where I had been living and step into the awareness of my true identity. I knew it was time to step out of the roles I had established for myself in this lifetime and see who I truly am. With the faith that Spirit would lead me to where I needed to go I returned to school to obtain my Doctorate in Metaphysics and become an ordained minister. This brought a new awareness for me as to how I could create my healing ministry that would ultimately benefit others in learning the truth within themselves.

This is why I am here in this moment in time. As I align myself with the Universal essence of Divine beingness I am better able to assist you as you step into the awareness of your Divine potential. When you ask for what you want the Universe is more than happy to deliver. When you accept responsibility and allow yourself to merge with the truth of who you are, then you will awaken to the peace and contentment you are seeking.

I am here to be of assistance. Through Divine guidance we can illuminate the path before you.
You are the creator of each and every moment of your life.

With Love & Blessings,

We all have the potential to come into the awareness of who we are as Divine Spiritual beings having this physical life here on earth. We can all accept this responsibility by responding to our abilities and merge with the truth in what we are seeking. We can then live the harmonious life we came here to experience. With Divine guidance you can experience the totality of possibilities that lie before you.

Linda (age 5) and her cat, Major, with their Spirit Guides

When you find that your soul, your heart, every wisp of inspiration, every speck of the vast blue sky and its shining star blossoms, the mountains, the earth, the whippoorwill, and the bluebells are all tied together with one cord, one rhythm, one cord of joy, one cord of unity, one cord of Spirit, then you shall know that all are but waves of His cosmic sea.